Textures for fall.

Hello! I'm just stopping by to say a few things:

~Our house is taking much longer than expected to get in order.
~I'm patiently waiting for fall to arrive.
~I love this little corner of a room. It has the perfect palette and textures for fall.

I hope your late summer is beautiful.


Curb appeal.

{via Design*Sponge}

So Rudy and I are one week away from our closing date. As stressful as this whole process has been, I know it will be completely worth it! While the inside of our new abode is in pretty-darn-good shape, the outside definitely needs some lovin'. I really like the idea of a muddy grey-green for the exterior color with a bright yellow door, and mustard yellow trim. I've yet to convince Rudy that this combo would look great, but just give me some time. I'll hook him.
{Our *future* house as it is now. It definitely needs some curb appeal.}


Corners of my home.

{A display in our living room}

Well, a lot has happened since I posted last. We put an offer in on our little bungalow, and the owners took it! Our first one! (Yay!) We're now in the process of getting the home loan. (Eh.) And our little one is busier than ever.

I'd really like to post here much more regularly. Now that we're slated to move in less than a month, I was thinking of sharing little corners of our current home. I've been taking inventory of all we have and where it will go in our new house. I'll be sharing in the next few weeks about what we have now, and how I think it could be better put to use.

There are so many other dizzying things going on in our lives right now than design, but every so often I catch myself decorating each room in my head. Coming up with color schemes and placement that will work just right. It's all so exciting, but also more than a little daunting.

Thanks for coming on this ride with me! I'll try to keep you posted.


A wishlist for a new home.

Rudy and I are going into a bank today to get pre-approval for a home loan. We've found a house we love and are going to put in an offer. Here is my wishlist and inspiration for everything I'd like our home to be:
{Old Brand New}
Light and airy, lots of textures, and plenty of kid friendly low shelving.

Open shelving and a bit of color in the kitchen.

{Emily Henderson}
A fun colorful room for Noah to grow up in.

Just everything about this bathroom.

An outdoor office for Rudy and I to work in. With Rudy working on a PhD and me running a company from home, it would be great to have an extra space to keep our work clutter out of our home. Also, it's just so good looking.

Cross your fingers for us!


Castles and Frolic!

Welcome to my design blog. I'm an aspiring interior designer or decorator, I haven't decided which yet! This will be a place where I share my designer's eye with you. My projects, my home, and my inspirations will be the daily fare. I hope you enjoy!

About the name:
My husband is a PhD candidate in Mathematics. He was talking about a book by two mathematicians in the field of number theory, Cassels and Frohlich. My mind, (far from that of a number theorist's), immediately went to the sound of the names, loved them together, and finally decided on this blog's title. Who knows, maybe one day I will have a design company named after this silly mix-up.

Thanks for reading!